The Great Work

The Great Work

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Prayer of Blessing

Almighty, Holy and Incomparable.  The Great  
I AM.  Immaculate are Your thoughts; pure is 
Your Will; perfect are Your plans.

In the presence of our sisters, brothers, spiritual mothers, fathers and You, Ancient of Days, as my witnesses, I confess and repent of all my sins, transgressed through my own freewill and corporately, as a member of Your body and this society. Today, I reaffirm my baptismal vows and ask You to forgive me for the manifold ways I dismiss, ignore and altogether abandon my new self and the narrow road. I choose instead to resurrect the old self I covet, rather to die to self once and for all; embracing the true resurrection, life and way that is Jesus Christ.

Now, we beg that your overabundant grace fills us, covers us and transfigures our hearts so that we can receive again the gift of the Holy Spirit.  May it be so, may it be real and may the experience awaken joy and fear of the Lord.

May we today, and each borrowed day you invest in us, be filled with rejoicing in our being elected by You, celebrate being called by You and seek to consecrate our hearts for You; now and always; in the name of the One who died for us, so that I, we, you and me could live, Christ Jesus,